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A ServiceMaster technician providing a green janitorial service

Go Green with ServiceMaster Clean! Green Cleaning Janitorial Options

Green cleaning isn’t just associated with corporate responsibility and environmental protection– it’s the right thing to do. Cleaning with environmentally friendly products and methods is linked to healthier buildings and lower operating costs.  ServiceMaster Clean® is an industry leader in developing green products and cleaning systems to help our customers reach their sustainability goals.

Green cleaning services offered by ServiceMaster of Seattle include:

  • Capture / Removal Cleaning System
  • GS Certified Cleaning Products Used

In addition to using certified green cleaning products, ServiceMaster of Seattle is proud to offer our proprietary, patent-pending, Capture and Removal Cleaning system, an extremely effective cleaning method designed to trap dirt and dust, and remove it from the building.

Capture and Removal Cleaning includes:

  • Microfiber technology captures particulate matter rather than just moving it around.
  • High-filtration, quiet vacuums capture 99.9% of particles and are Green Label certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.
  • Specially created vacuum attachments help capture additional residue before becoming airborne.
  • Green For products are certified “green” by four independent agencies.

ServiceMaster of Seattle makes it easy to say “yes” to what’s smart for your business and the planet. To contact us with questions on our Green Cleaning, please e-mail: