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Getting You Back in Business IS Our Business

Wherever you are, we are there too

ServiceMaster understands that a business interrupted for an extended period of time is a dangerous and frightening ordeal for everyone involved. Furthermore, when and how you respond to a disaster directly affects the severity of the loss. Our answer to that situation is the 866 RECOVER® program. This program is a FREE priority service enrollment program created for commercial properties that focuses on pre-planning for disasters before they occur in hopes of getting our clients up and running more quickly. Our program specifically allows property owners and managers to pre-qualify ServiceMaster of Seattle as their vendor of choice so that immediate action can be taken to begin the mitigation and restoration process in the event of a disaster.

As part of your disaster plan, your local 866 RECOVER® representative will provide your business with our pre-loss planning guide and other materials to help prepare a contingency plan for your property.  They will also go through a one-page customer protocol which helps familiarize us with your specific needs in hopes to better understand your expectations if we ever need to quickly recover your business.

Upon enrollment, you would then simply call 1-866-RECOVER (732-6837) and mention your property name or account number with us to receive the necessary services.  To enroll immediately, or request more information, please call your 866 RECOVER® Program Manager, at (425) 637-9770.

866 Recover clients receive:

  • Priority service over non-866 RECOVER® accounts.
  • A personalized pre-loss planning guide to help prepare BEFORE their business is interrupted by disaster.
  • Main water shut-off tags to attach to every shut-off valve per location (with a local number to call in case of water damage.)
  • Our 866 price list (at an industry-standard) agreed upon at the time of enrollment to control costs to your business.
  • Magnets, window decals, and stickers for your electrical panels, phones or anywhere you want to show that your business is covered by the 866 Program.

The right call when things go wrong

One call to 1-866-RECOVER provides fast and easy access to the experience and expertise of ServiceMaster Clean Commercial Restoration Services.  Bringing over 50 years of leadership to the commercial restoration industry, our extensive coverage and localized response team give you direct access to the resources of an international company, along with local relationships, personal contact, and the care you would expect from a local company.

If you are a property manager, we also provide monthly fliers on how to prevent different types of disasters that pertain to the season they usually occur in. Feel free to use these for your own advertising purposes or on your apartment’s community bulletin boards. Our goal is to help you however we can.